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Navigating your way through college just got easier.

NAVIGATE Student is here to help you access the resources you need when you need them.


What is NAVIGATE Student?

NAVIGATE Student is an all-in-one app designed to keep you, the student, one tap away from the resources you need on campus. You have access to a scheduling tool that allows you to meet with your Academic Advisor, Financial Aid Advisor, Aggie One-StopAggie Pathway, and Tutoring. NAVIGATE Student also has other useful tools that include notifications of your student holds, your class schedule, and even the ability to sign up to meet other students interested in finding a study buddy!


Why download and use NAVIGATE Student?

NMSU understands what it's like to be a college student for the first time. It's more than just going to class and hitting the books in the library. It's a major life event that can feel overwhelming. NMSU staff and faculty want students aware of all the resources available to them to help them complete their education. NAVIGATE Student is the tool to make that happen. Scroll through the resource page to discover offices you didn't know existed! 





Reminders about the “business side” of college:  due days, changing your schedule, etc.


Book appointments to visit (virtually or in person) with a variety of offices on your campus! 

  Study Buddies

Connect with other students in your class sections who are interested in studying together outside of class.


Browse through the resources and their contact info for your campus!  Reach out in real-time to connect for the information you need.


Are emails getting lost in your inbox? Stay in the know of important messages sent from the various offices on campus.


Quickly learn if you have any holds on your accounts. If you do, the contact information on how to resolve each hold is provided.

  Class Schedule

Your class schedule is in myNMSU, but it's also available here in the Navigate App if you ever need a quick glance while you're on the go.

  My Major

Learn general information about your major and career prospects. Thinking about adding a minor or changing your major? Take the major explorer survey to begin that thought and discovery process.

Using the Navigate App

Download the Navigate Student app today.


College can be tough.

Navigate Student makes it easier by letting you know how and when to get important things done.

Through a personalized app, Navigate Student helps you make decisions, complete essential tasks, and explore the campus.



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