Connecting with Navigate.

Navigate Staff and Faculty is the side of the platform that provides educators within the NMSU system with information to help every undergraduate student through their education journey. Navigate provides student-specific and current information that can be accessible to administrators, advisors, deans, faculty, and staff; alongside an integrated appointment scheduling workflow for students and educators to connect at critical times in the semester.

You will need to use your myNMSU credentials when you LOG IN to Navigate Staff and Faculty.


What can I do with Navigate Staff and Faculty?

Much like Banner and other systems used at NMSU, your role will determine what access you will have in the Navigate Staff and Faculty app. Additionally, Navigate's functionality will continue to grow with the needs of the NMSU system. Most notably, Navigate largely contributes to One Student / One File philosophy addressing LEADS 2025 Goal 1.

Additionally, beginning Fall 2021, NMSU is migrating from its internal Quick Connect system to using Navigate's Early Alerts.


Where can I learn how to use Navigate Staff and Faculty?

We've put together an internal Navigate Staff and Faculty Training Center in insideNMSU. To access it you'll either need to be logged in on campus, signed in via the NMSU VPN, or otherwise logged in with your myNMSU credentials on your browser. This likely sounds more complicated than it is. If you're not automatically redirected directly to the site, you'll be asked to log in via myNMSU. 

As more of Navigate's capabilities are unlocked, we'll add more training components.

If you have any additional questions/comments/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Active Units.

Navigate Staff and Faculty is currently active and in use by the following units:

  • Academic Advising
  • Aggie One-Stop
  • Aggie Pathway
  • Financial Aid
  • and all Faculty (Early Alerts)

Please visit NMSU's Navigate Training Center for more information about the phases of Navigate's Rollout Plan at NMSU.