EAB NAVIGATE is a platform for student success with a proven track record nation-wide for improving retention and connecting students with their support network.  NMSU is excited to bring all facets of Navigate to our system as a tool to support system-wide efforts working towards NMSU LEADS 2025

  • Goal 1:  Enhance Student Success & Social Mobility
  • Goal 4:  Build a Robust University System

Through NAVIGATE (via tools designed specifically for Students, Staff, and Faculty) the use of analytics, enhanced communication abilities, sharing knowledge across our campuses and our system, and connecting students to resources will assist us all to support our students’ successes both on campus and in their futures.

Goals for NAVIGATE Student

  • Improve students’ ability to access care units through easier appointment scheduling. 
  • Increase the number of students with an academic plan for completing their degree.
  • Provide earlier support for students who exhibit a need for assistance. 
  • Improve communication with students through communication campaigns and by providing information to help them resolve holds, access campus resources, explore careers, complete milestones, and connect with study buddies.

Goals for NAVIGATE Staff & Faculty

  • Increase faculty and staff access to student information by eliminating technology silos through creating a customized student profile for each student-support role and unit. 
  • Enhance communication between student-support units and students.
  • Develop earlier and more effective interventions for students needing support and care. 
  • Identify milestones along the student degree pathway and monitor students’ success in successfully completing them.