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Navigate is a system that supports student success in and out of the classroom by:

  • Facilitating communication among support service providers.
  • Allowing students to manage academic matters.
  • Providing analytics to evaluate and improve retention strategies.

Integrating student success units such as advising, tutoring, financial aid, and academic units such as faculty into Navigate facilitates referrals that meet student needs.  This integration allows students to easily access multiple NMSU services to manage their academic life. 

Navigate also supports students academically, allowing them to explore degrees, plan course schedules, and even find others in their classes to study with.  This academic support allows advisors to shift to a student success coaching model that improves persistence and academic performance. 

Analytics from Navigate provide information on the effectiveness of retention strategies to inform data-driven decisions supporting student success.  Additional dashboards track academic progress, the health of student populations, and other academic metrics.

These powerful tools create a community of care that helps our students reach their educational aspirations.

NMSU continues to expand Navigate capabilities, in support of NMSU LEADS 2025 Goal 1: Student Success and Mobility, and Goal 4: Guild a Robust University.

Graduate Students are not part of Navigate Student at this time.  Please reach out to your Advisors directly for registration and other academic needs.
Using the Navigate App

Download the Navigate Student app today.


College can be tough.

Navigate Student makes it easier by letting you know how and when to get important things done.

Through a personalized app, Navigate Student helps you make decisions, complete essential tasks, and explore the campus.



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